Research Themes

Human-Machine Interaction

The extent to which humans remain in direct control of the use of force and the quality of that control are key themes animating the international debate on autonomous weapons systems. This research theme examines these concerns in the context of practices of human-machine interaction and how they shape emerging use of force norms, including an emerging norm of “meaningful” human control. 

Articles on human-machine interaction

Loitering Munitions Report Online Launch Event

On 8th December 2023 13.00-14.15 (CET)/12.00-13.15 (GMT), an expert panel (including Laura Bruun, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) will discuss the major findings of the “Loitering Munitions and Unpredictability: Autonomy in Weapon Systems and Challenges to Human Control” report published earlier this year. You can register to attend this online

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The Creator of New Thinking On AI? Popular Culture, Geopolitics, and Why Stories About Intelligent Machines Matter

Whilst the depiction of weaponised artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in popular culture is often highly inaccurate and dramatized, Hollywood blockbusters provide the starting point from which many members of the public begin to develop their thinking about these technologies. For instance, news articles discussing AI are often accompanied with images

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