‘Traditional Values’: The Russian Leadership’s Narrative about Generative AI

In February 2024, Vladimir Putin approved a new version of Russia’s national artificial intelligence (AI) development strategy, initially adopted in October 2019. One of the updates included is a list of challenges to Russia’s AI development, which mention “the decision to restrict access to AI technologies, caused by unfair competition on the part of unfriendly […]

AI and Drones in the Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Challenging the Expectations?

By Ingvild Bode and Anna Nadibaidze Military applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and their impacts on warfare have received much attention over the past years. Russia has been portrayed as a central actor in these debates, not least since President Vladimir Putin declared that whoever leads in the field of AI “will become ruler of […]

Russia’s Perspective on Human Control and Autonomous Weapons: Is the Official Discourse Changing?

For many years, Russia’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been developing and testing different weapons, vehicles and systems using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This has been with the goal of modernising the Russian Armed Forces by gradually removing humans from military tasks. The Russian leadership, both political and military, has a visibly strong interest for weapons […]